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Welcome to the world of Hostas - that long lived garden wonder that grows just about anywhere, needs little fussing over and looks better with age! No wonder hostas are so highly regarded by gardeners everywhere. For many of us the problem isn't finding a hosta that will grow in our gardens but finding room to grow all the hostas we covet once 'hosta fever' strikes!

Native to eastern Asia (Japan, eastern China and Korea, in particular) hostas have been grown in the US for over 150 years but only in the last ten or fifteen years have they grown to enjoy the popularity they do today. From relative obscurity in the late 1970s to one of the world's most popular perennials in three decades! During the 150 years or so we've grown them on our shores many varieties have come and gone. Over the course of the last twenty years the number of hosta varieties has grown from a few hundred to nearly 4,000! Approximately 500 are distinct and garden worthy, with a few of the newer varieties simply amazing. Former American Hosta Society President Jim Wilkins once estimated that different combinations of the numerous characteristics found in hostas could produce more than two million distinct cultivars! Wow!

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Hostas brighten gardens with astounding shades of blues, yellows, chartreuses, soft creams. Shades of green range from seafoam to deep emerald. Even the leaf shapes (strap, egg, heart, round), textures (puckered, ruffled, ribbed, smooth) and overall plant growth habit offer an exceptional array of choices for creating one-of-a-kind beds and borders!

To view our Hosta Collection (opens in Adobe Reader) with descriptions click Here.

Unlike many garden centers, we propagate throughout the season and therefore constantly add new varieties and replenish our stock of older favorites.

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