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At its heart Seven Arrows is an Uncommon Plant Nursery with its roots spreading deep into the soil of the 18th century Uriel Bowen homestead on the Attleboro/Seekonk Massachusetts town line. We see ourselves as a constantly evolving farm and garden, the focus of which is sharing - of our time, our knowledge (which we hope grows each day) and of the great peace and joy found in the natural world.

By searching the gardening world for the visionary plants-person, the collector returning from exotic travel, and the odd, eccentric hobby gardener we proudly present beautiful and exciting plants often not yet seen on the market.

In 2013 Seven Arrows celebrated its 33rd anniversary. Sometimes, when you walk through a public garden or nursery the likes of Seven Arrows you think that someone else's garden just miraculously appeared with little effort, or that the gardeners spent a fortune on creating their backyard sanctuary. Not so here! Judy and Michel Marcellot began their Seven Arrows adventure with an $800 tax return, the desire to work together, to work on the land, and to create a public space where people could come, sit, and relax. Over the years they have hauled rocks, planted trees, dug ponds, built greenhouses, barns, a shop, always a little at a time as they could afford it, still pay the mortgage and feed the kids. They've had great years and not so great ones. The gardens and nursery you visit today are the results of a consistent passion and love for what they do, even when it made no sense to continue doing it! They are great adherents of Joseph Campbell's advice to "Follow your bliss" and live the life you love.

So when people come to the Farm expressing dissatisfaction with a job or a situation Judy and Miche always say (and really believe) "Life is too short to do something you don't want to be doing for whatever reason - health insurance, a pension, the kids need to go to college, etc.- Put your focus where your passion is. Try to take worry out of the equation and replace it with trust and gratitude. We truly believe you can't help but be successful!". Life is supposed to be fun, they believe. So go out and have more of it!

Cast of Characters

Miche with dogs
Michel "Miche" Marcellot

Born in the mountains of France, Miche is addicted to plants and gardening. From the minute he gets up until the sun goes down, you'll find him talking to himself out among the plants - unless you happen to bring a bottle of fermented grape juice. Then you'll find both of us, and anyone who will join us, in our tea room discussing the nature of life, bio-diesel, algae-oil, and art with anyone who will join the conversation. When it comes to all things cyber we're slightly behind the curve. Did you know you can find pictures of plants and gardens on this computer thing? Of course you did.

Judy with goose and goat
Judy Marcellot

Judy loves to write, fuss over her plants in the nursery, and hang out in the Tea Room chatting with visitors. Her mother used to say, "Judy, you'd talk to a wall," but didn't mean it as a compliment. Judy thinks everyone should wear name tags with a one line description of themselves, like they do at our bank. Her theory is that it would discourage people and nations from harming one another if you knew someone's name and something about him or her. She thinks there was a Seinfeld episode about this. Judy is an active animal rescue volunteer.

The Others - Three dogs, two goats, pot belly pigs, lots of chickens, ducks and a goose with an attiude (don't they all come with attitudes?). Oh, and twenty-five plus or minus cats. No, we're not crazy cat people, as far as we can tell. We feed a managed feral cat community. Check out and

(We know the need is great but we're, unfortunately, at our maximum capacity.)

Ulee, the dog
Nicky, the dog
TD, the dog
Stimpy, the goat
Little Buddy, the goat
Little Buddy
Timmy, the cat
Timmy! Doing what he does best.
Homer and Choppy
Homer and Choppy

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