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Clumping Bamboo

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Below you'll find descriptions and info about the clumping bamboo we carry.


From the alpine conifer forests of west and Southwest China. This genus of clumping bamboos range from medium to small and all very cold hardy, but not tolerant of extremely high summer temperatures.

Fargesia 'rufa'

Originating from Sichuan China, and exceptionally cold hardy, this bamboo has beautiful orange-red cane sheaths adding a glow and warmth that is very appealing. This is a new garden bamboo that is perfect for those looking for a smaller specimen. Leaves do not curl in the sun and its small stature make this bamboo perfect for a small garden or courtyard planting. Shoot production is truly prolific!

Fargesia scabrida
Fargesia scabrida

A great "new" bamboo for sun or shade AND is cold hardy to -10 degrees F according to most sources. We have not tested it here at our nursery but will keep you posted. We all have high hopes for this as it's upright habit lends itself to the ever popular privacy hedge.... 15' tall! We can hardly wait. The culm sheaths have a wonderful reddish-orange color which is striking against the dark green of the new canes. Emerald green leaves are longer than F. robusta and F. rufa.

Fargesia dracocephala

Indigenous to the forested mountains of China, "Dragons Head" bamboo grows at elevations from 3,600 to 7,200 feet, in areas inhabited by the Giant Panda, and is one of the bamboos on its menu. Growing with a weeping habit it forms a dense clump that can be used to make an almost solid screen if there is sufficient room for a plant with a weeping form. Leaves won't curl in the sun or the cold, but protect them from too much hot afternoon sun, or they will burn. This is a perfect clumping bamboo if you're looking for medium height.

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